Why 21 to gamble

Why 21 to gamble turning stone gambling age

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Why is it 21 to gamble but 18 for lotto? I understand the argument that they don't want a country full of degenerates and they think it is a bad influence or whatever, but its not why 21 to gamble someone would be putting a gun to minors heads and forcing them to gamble. I guess they don't want kids to become degenerates, but many will anyway. Kansas City Interests: Goldstein was sworn in immediately after the confirmation. That just doesn't seem right to me.


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How to win at blackjack (21) with gambling expert Michael "Wizard of Odds" Shackleford Jan 8, - Why is gambling illegal if your under 21? At 18 years old your legally old enough to fight in a war, but your not allowed to play cards? That just. Dec 1, - For Nevada casinos, unless the legislature also dropped the drinking age from 21 to 18 (no small feat), cocktail servers would have to card everyone who requests an alcoholic beverage, a state of affairs certain to rile casinos and patrons alike. Even Wheeler was against dropping the drinking age. Lottery is generally justified as a sort of "gambling for a good cause" and legal in places/times where gambling is otherwise illegal. Each state or province determines its own minimum age for gambling. Some have 2 minimum ages (18 in some casinos, 21 in others). This is typical in states with alcohol-licensed casinos.

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